Supreme SD115 Pivot

Alumil Albania

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The innovative SUPREME SD115 Pivot system for front doors, developed by ALUMIL to create unique custom front doors, which include a variety of options and equipment, meeting every need and desire. The ability to integrate carbon fiber into the door panel surface is a global innovation and a truly unique solution, made possible thanks to ALUMIL’s close collaboration with CFT (Carbon Fiber Technologies), a company specializing in applications for carbon fiber. The special rotating mechanism is the most prominent attribute of the system, offering not only elegance but also the ability to over-dimension, ensuring ease of use even when a door exceeds a height of 3 m and approaches a weight of 250 Kg. The system is characterized by its unique minimal design, which is reinforced through the coplanarium between the door and the wall and through the low threshold with a height of only 7mm. Moreover, the integrated outer handle further contributes to the exceptional aesthetics of the system, making it one of the best options in the category of front doors. Last but not least, in addition to high aesthetics and functionality, the system stands out for its outstanding performance with thermal insulation of Ud = 0.7 W / m2K and a RC3 certified theft resistance. The new architectural design, combined with premium equipment and high power, makes the SUPREME SD115 Pivot an exceptional choice for modern residential, commercial properties and offices, providing elegance and prestige.

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