SUPREME SF85 Insulated Folding Doors

Alumil Albania

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SUPREME SF85 Insulated Folding Doors


A world-class highly insulated folding door system with bottom-slide operation, which combines minimal aesthetics with outstanding performance, very large dimensions with literally low sight lines, enhanced burglar protection with a very large variety of solutions.

  • Very large dimension in terms of height (up to 4.0m), vent width (up to 1.5m)and total span width
  • Amazingly reduced sight lines which contributes to the overall minimal design
  • Extensive variety of solutions, with odd and even number of vents, corner construction, semi-structural vent version, inwards and outwards opening
  • Extreme performance in terms of air permeability, wind load resistance and water tightness
  • Significant energy and cost saving due to the excellent thermal insulation and U-values (as low as 1.0 W/m2K)
  • Enhanced levels of security and burglar protection, meeting all sector security standards
  • Smooth operation and long-lasting flawless functionality


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