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Thermal Insulated Folding Door System

SMARTIA MF65 is a thermally insulated system for folding doors with minimal design and little visible aluminium. It offers excellent thermal insulation, high watertightness performance and is ideal for large constructions, remaining flawless over time.

  • Elevates the aesthetics of your place, thanks to its minimal design and very thin profiles (88mm).
  • Achieves top performance in terms of air permeability, watertightness & wind load resistance. Increases energy efficiency and cost savings, thanks to the top thermal insulation (up to Uw=1.1 W/m2K).
  • Provides enhanced levels of burglary protection, with quadruple latches, 3-point locking and a special anti-lift mechanism.
  • Allows robust large constructions (up to 1.3m width or up to 3m height).
  • Offers a wide variety of solutions with an odd number of vents, double or triple glazing (24-44mm), standard and low threshold.
  • Ensures smooth and flawless operation, without any problems, even at the open position, thanks to its high-quality, heavy-duty roller hinges.


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