SMARTIA M78 a unified facade system for maximum transparency

Alumil Albania

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SMARTIA M78 is a cost-effective single facade that combines minimal aesthetics with structural strength. Its Structural Construction with Silicone Polishing offers maximum transparency on the outer surface of the facade. Modular units, including windows, are prefabricated in the conditions of a workshop and this results in a fast and economical installation with minimization of human labor and tool requirements. This way of construction makes the M78 system an ideal system for multi-storey buildings, where meeting the required deadlines is a prerequisite.



  • Improving natural light

  • Increase comfort level Increasing the level of security

  • Certified performance in terms of air, water and wind pressure

  • Personalized solutions, adjusted according to the specifications of each building Increased static power, in extreme natural phenomena

  • Ease of use due to electrical movement

  • Product with cost-effectiveness compared to the competition


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