Bioclimatic Pergola SMARTIA PG 160 P SANTORINI

Alumil Albania

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SMARTIA PG160P Santorini, a system for excellent bioclimatic pergolas, is characterized by high durability and innovations that it incorporates together, offering ideal light protection solutions for outdoor applications. It is probably the only system of pergolas that can cover the typologies of free residence (without wall mounting) surface up to 50 m2 with only four columns. The covered area can be doubled by adding only two more columns (ie 100 m2 with only 6 columns), without affecting the elegant and minimal design of the pergola.

Recordable filler profiles for protection from light and bad weather conditions, as well as the range of equipment available, reflect the bioclimatic philosophy of the system and provide excellent living conditions throughout the year.



  • Effective protection against sunlight, rain, snow and other weather conditions
  • Controlled living conditions due to the bioclimatic philosophy and integration of side elements, such as sliding glass system, rotating shading panels, lids, LEDs, etc.
  • Extremely durable constructions, allowing very wide dimensions up to 7.5 x 7.5 m with only four columns
  • High-end equipment, such as: patented concealed noise-canceling mechanism and integrated automation systems
  • High aesthetics and minimal design with a focus on detail, e.g. with invisible fixing pointsLarge range of solutions and the ability to fully adapt and expand to meet any need


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