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With Livinglight you can now create a smart electrical system with connected functions, controllable with the APP Home + Control and with the voice assistants Alexa, Google and Siri, without changing your habits.

Livinglight becomes Smart.

Without changing your installation habits, you can:

  • transform existing traditional systems into Smart systems, with minimal wiring operations;
  • build new Smart systems.

With Livinglight with Netatmo, the functions of the electrical system can be controlled by smartphones and voice commands, adding solutions and applications that cannot be achieved with a traditional system.


Through the Home + Control App your customer can:

  • Operate and customize the 4 scenarios enter, exit, day and night;
  • View and check the status of lights, shutters and loads connected to the sockets;
  • Control the SMARTHER with Netatmo connected thermostat;
  • Control the total consumption of the house and each socket;
  • Receive notifications in case of exceeding the contractual power;
  • Define the priority of the loads;
  • Receive notifications in case of load malfunction


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