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Designed by:

Atelier OÏ


“The projected light is broken down on each ring, light rays come to life in a scenic dance, made of shadows circulating around the central heart.”

Atelier OÏ

The Decomposé light fixtures by Artemide appeal with a simple idea and cheerful colours. They were designed by the design Studio Atelier Oï. Resembling a spiral of ribbon being gently blown into the air, it has a beautifully composed appearance, but it’s also a wonderfully functional light. The collection comprises a floor lamp, a table lamp, a ceiling lamp and a suspension. Decomposé consists of cylindrical bodies of aluminium concealing the light sources. One element composed of several connected aluminium rings closes the ring at one end, enabling the light to cast beautiful shadows. The simple cylindrical light body has an original touch. It seems to break up into slices and float in the air, which explains its name “Decomposé”. Decomposé sets beautiful graphic and colourful accents, which enhance the room even when the light is switched off. The light fixtures appeal with lively, ambient light-and-shadow effects. Also, available in 4 different finishes: fumè, gold, orange and red.




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