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Designed by

Michael Anastassiades



Last Order is the evolution of a table lamp originally designed by Michael Anastassiades. This small, exquisite table lamp is portable and rechargeable. It diffuses light through an elegant base in solid clear glass, whose shape references the architecture of the columns of Ancient Greece. The glass is available in two versions: smooth, for a more minimal, contemporary look, or fluted, for timeless elegance.

The top cover is available in various combinations of coloured or metal finishes: satin copper and brass for the indoor version, polished stainless steel and green opal coating for outdoors.

The time required to completely charge the device is 3 hours. With the device turned on at 100% intensity, the cordless autonomy is 6 hours (more than 24 hours of autonomy can be achieved by reducing the intensity). After 6 hours, the intensity automatically decreases to 20% and the need to recharge is indicated.


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