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Designer: ABS Studio

Design year: 2016

Tipology: Wall lamps; Ceiling lamps

Bulbs:/W LED 24W 3200lm 4000K /WW LED 24W 3040m 3000K /XW LED 24W 2848lm 2700K

Sources: LED

Light: Diffuse

IP degree: 40 measures Ø 70cm net

Weight: 3kg

Final details: 01 White


Designed by ABS studio, the EGOLUCE ‘Moonlight’ is a ceiling and wall lamp that emits light radially. Made from MDF, the front panel adorns a special finish that allows it to be re-painted during or after installation. Furthermore, the smaller version can also support a mirror disc, gold leaf, silver leaf or blackboard finishes. This allows numerous elements, from different sizes to finishes, to be overlapped to form unique compositions that are tailored for a specific space.


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