Miss K


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Designed by

Philippe Starck, 2003-2004



The design of the extravagant Flos Miss K that received the Red Dot Award was penned by the French star designer and Flos mastermind Philippe Starck. Thanks to the award-winning design combined with innovative technology, this table lamp which has been distributed by Flos since 2004 was able to establish a loyal fan base within a short period.

There is always more than meets the eye with a Philippe Starck creation. With Miss K, the designer invites us to explore the inner workings of the lamp, seeming to suggest that the items we rely on every day have more power within than we seem to realize.

Particularly striking are the materials selected for the Miss K: the internal lampshade is made of polycarbonate as part of an injection moulding procedure. The classically shaped external lampshade is made of aluminium-coated methacrylate, enriched with special colour pigments. This table lamp is available in red, black or transparent.


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