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Axolute combines design and technology, in every detail.

Design: shapes, materials, finishes

  • Rectangular, elliptical and Air (thin) – Axolute’s geometrical variations;
  • Aluminium stainless steel, glass, wood, stone, leather, technological and high-quality plastic – these are the real materials from which Axolute cover plates are made;
  • A wide range of finishes is available for each shape and material used; the cover plates thus become ornamental details to be adapted to the style of furnishing, according to personal taste.

Technology and functions

  • Complete range of all the functions, which can all be finished with the same appearance;
  • The coordination of appearance is also extended to the video door entry system, which fits in perfectly with the whole system;
  • The MyHome digital technology is also coordinated in appearance and integrated with the Axolute design;
  • Display and advanced interfaces which allow the most advanced modes of interaction with the system complete Axolute’s technological offer.


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