Smartia MF65

Alumil Albania

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SMARTIA MF65 is a thermal insulating folding door system with bottom-slide operation, characterized by minimal aesthetics & very high performance.

  • Update folding door product-range & meet SMARTIA segment specifications
  • Change to bottom-slide operation and incorporate state-of-the-art accessories
  • Follow architectural trends for minimal design and low face-width
  • Present a competitive solution in terms of technical features & cost
  • Let natural light flood the space, and maximize outwards visibility (88mm sightline, 1.3m vent width)
  • Increase energy efficiency and cost savings thanks to the high thermal insulation
  • Enhanced burglar protection thanks to the quadruple bolts, the 3-point door locking, the anti-lift mechanism, etc.
  • Smooth operation and long-lasting flawless functionality


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