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In our everyday existence, light serves us by enhancing everything around it, while it itself is often neglected. Here, the attention is given back to the source of light, treating it as an invaluably precious, albeit fragile, element. With its delicate wiring and bulb exposed, it requires the additional armature and structural support of the leather strap and brass hooks, while the glass bulb cocoons around and protects its gentle glow. A simple design and restrained use of materials and finishes, creates the basis for Viabizzuno’s Sul Sole Va Pendant light, designed by Neri&Hu in 2015. Suitable for residential and commercial use, the simplistic pendants are striking with their clear glass bulbs and brass details. Available in three iterations ‘Sul’, ‘Sole’ dhe ‘Va’, the pendants work well in a cluster together or grouped separately, creating a consistent lighting design in any space.


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