Elodie Chair

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Clean, well-defined lines, minimalist and functional. The Elodie seating family’s versatility makes it ideal for executive and managerial workplaces, thanks to its three backrest heights and its discreetly integrated synchron mechanism. The 100% weight sensitive mechanism does not require any back tension adjustment, as it adapts automatically to the user’s weight. Simple intuitive controls allow you to adjust the seat height, set the lumbar support and lock the backrest in three different positions. The key feature of the Elodie collection is its brand new sound-absorbent backrests.
These backrests are made with an innovative “skeletal”  double-shell structure, covered with coupled and thermoformed “felt-fabric” material. The room created by the structure and the two shells inside the backrest create a sound absorption case of frequencies, working in vocal range from 125Hz to 4000Hz: in this way, Elodie chair absorbs and reduces sound waves.


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