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Designed by:
Timo Ripatti


Cut is the result of a long design process between Axolight and Timo Ripatti, aimed at the design of an adjustable lamp, that can be positioned on three points and never dazzle. From here comes Cut, a family of adjustable lamps – table, floor or suspension version – which stands out for its refined and unique design.

The laser-cut aluminium structure, folded in several points, connects two elements: the light source embedded in a circular metal support and a semi-transparent diffuser disk embedded in a ring. The two elements face each other, so that the light emitted by the light source is filtered and partially reflected by the screen.

Cut expresses a refined design and an emotional light which does not dazzle, but wraps gently. Cut was awarded the “Gooddesign” award 2019/2020 for the Lighting category.


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