This workshop focuses on the relationship between international borders and social boundaries within national societies. It has as its premise two contradictions of contemporary life: the hardening of national and racial boundaries at a time when goods and information flow across national borders quite freely; and the racialization of social relations at a time when racial theories lack scientific prestige, and racial categories have become conspicuously unstable. The workshop explores anthropological, historical, political and aesthetic dimensions of the relationship between national borders and social boundaries in a comparative context, and develops a conceptual foundation for analysis of the relationship between borders and boundaries.



The materiality of a border and the anatomy of a fence (wires, blades, barbed wires, sharp cables, etc.) seem to protect what can be found on the other side. The models of division strengthen the practices of 'othering’ characteristics for narratives of transition.



We are creating, performing, and actively witnessing the story even as we watch the representation of it unravel before our eyes. Even though these fields have unique genealogies, methodologies, and theoretical foundations, we found that they now overlap in terms of shared critical vocabularies, research applications, and concerns about how identity, memory, and culture are internalized and enacted in formal public, social, ritual, and private settings.


University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philosophy Instructor: Agata Rogos, PhD Humboldt Universität zu Berlin | [email protected]


Prishtina, Kosovo

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