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Bar & Restaurant
LAAGO Architects
LAAGO Architects
Durrës, Albania
1200 m2
Besart Cani
Eurobicaku; NEF; Primera Group; Bener Shpk

Beach Bar Zins

Located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea in Currila beach, the architectural concept of Zins arises from the desire to integrate an object, with clean facades but dynamic movements of volumes, that adapts to the changing style of the city of Durres.

beach bar design

The main goal of the project was to create a space visually inspired by Mediterranean warmth. The building consists of two main volumes in different heights, the interpolation of which becomes a dominant compositional element that orients the movement and space towards a virtual axis that starts at the entrance of the bar, continues along it and ends at the sea. The main entrance, cladded in wood, makes the required contrast with the rest of the stone facade, separates the volumes and highlights the entrance.

beach bar design

The selection of natural materials such as wood, stone, the use of earth colors transmit warmth, the feeling of simplicity and become one with the tones of the nature that surrounds it.

laago architects
laago architects
laago architects

The clean, almost hermetic façade along the road is interrupted by narrow vertical windows and stands discreetly in the middle of the chaos of the city. In contrast, the western façade facing the sea, opens with large glass windows and fills the interior with light, reflecting the constantly changing colors of the sea at different times of the day.

interior design laago architects
Beach Bar Zins Laago Architects
interior design

The desire to create an organic space that is perceived inside out as a single space, brought the extensive use of the element of greenery as well as uniformity in the treatment of cladding and flooring materials. The wooden ceiling and beams with hidden lighting, the ropes with incorporated decorative lighting, all these elements evoke the theme of the “boat”.

zins beach bar albania
bar interior design
beach bar architecture

This object, although on a small scale, has become an inviting and attractive environment not only for the inhabitants of the city but also for its visitors.

minimalist interior design
minimalist interior design

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