Villa Tirana Interior Design

Villa Tirana Interior Design

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Villa Tirana Interior Design
Studio Marco Piva & EGO Architecture
Marco Piva, Egest Goxhaj
Tirana, Albania
11,200 m2

Andrea Martiradonna

Villa - Rolling Hills Luxury Residences

Studio Marco Piva, together with the local architect EGO Architecture of Egest Goxhaj & Partners, has curated the interior design of a villa situated in the heart of the new residential development area known as “Rolling Hills Luxury Residences”, composed by 122 luxury villas plunged in the green hills south-east of Tirana.

The project result reflects Studio Marco Piva’s and EGO Architecture of Egest Goxhaj & Partners’ sober, but elegant and refined designing style, characterised by a genuine richness expressed through furniture and finishing details.

The project aim has been to create cozy, pleasant, partly spectacular, and yet aesthetically modern spaces, capable of suiting, above all, the daily experience of people who live there.

The client has absolutely trusted the architects choices, rediscovering that trust-based relationship with the professional designer often lacking in our day.
“The result has therefore satisfied the two sides: first of all, the client, and then us, as we have developed a project in which we identify ourselves. With regard to the choices we have made, the entire mood has been developed on the basis of some architectural and territorial elements by which we have been highly impressed.” 

The villa is surrounded by an unspoilt natural environment which does not present any invasive infrastructure or architecture, turning every point of view from the house on the outside into a picture.

As a matter of fact, although it is part of a compound, most of the house façades have a very large visual depth, which has suggested the use of certain chromatic patterns, colours which draw on the territory’s nature in the various periods of the year, in a sort of attempt to capture a piece of landscape and bring it inside the villa.

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