Villa Fortuzi – The Albanian House

Villa Fortuzi – The Albanian House

The Albanian House is a platform that consists in the documentation (descriptive, visual and geographical) of the most representative and characteristic houses of the main Albanian cities and villages. It represents research on the main architectural features of these dwellings, their history, the changes they’ve gone through, over the years and their current state. In this blog we bring you some information about one of these houses: Villa Fortuzi.

Villa ‘Fortuzi’ was built from Omer Fortuzi, it is believed around 1920. He used to be one of the first Albanian engineers and a member of one of the biggest and most important families in the city. Being once the mayor of Tirana( from 1940-1943), while he had this position he always tried to implement as many Italian projects as he could.

The architecture of this villa is a confirmation of this intent too. It represents a very unique villa typology, with a very different architecture, compared to what was usually realized at the time, three-storey house designed with organic curves in all of its floors and very visible in its overall characteristic volumetry.

It has an ‘L’ shape ground-floor blueprint, with two different entrances both accessing on abundant gardens. The main entrance door is very monumental with symmetric organic volumes. The organic lines follow also the way the terrace’s metallic handrailing was designed and implemented. Its focal point is the entrance that representing the main symmetry ax of the building, is composed of three, 2 storey high, rectangular columns. The ground floor facade, the three entrance columns and the surrounding walls are covered with red brick tiles an element that links the entire composition of this villa.

Source: https://thealbanian.house/

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