Villa Tuscany

Vila toskana erion gorenca

Villa Tuscany

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Villa Tuscany
Erion Gorenca Architect
Erion Gorenca
Tirana, Albania

500 m2

Vila toskana erion gorenca

Today we present you the decoration and the design of a Villa which is located in the “Tuscany” villas complex, in one of the developing areas on the outskirts of Tirana.

The realization and implementation of the project has been finalized in a period of 12 months from the moment of  zoning and grading the site. The design of the exterior is a result of the architectural project of the complex, but with a touch of some slight details. While the interior design is planned from the beginning in details, creating the basis for a stylish and cozy decor. The architect has challenged himself to create a more natural connection between the environment where the villa is located, the orientation and perception of spaces as well as the lifestyle and specific needs of the clients. (Whom he do not like to call them like that as the relationship he tries to establish with his customers goes beyond the business, it is a relationship that interacts with the customer psychology).

Throughout the work on this project, the architect has outlined and emphasized with some details that the way of life in a villa is very different from the lifestyle in an apartment. Living in a villa should certainly be accompanied by a well-thought-out design which should meet the requirements and features that a large living area requires and should also reflect the change in quality of life and a several of social, health or psychological elements.

The style used in this Villa is a mix of warm Neoclassical Victorian British design – preference of the inhabitants, – with that of Urban Minimalist preferred by the architect, where the contrasts between materials, colors, way of furnishing, lighting and specification of details to the point of absurdity is usual.

Vila toskana erion gorenca
Vila toskana erion gorenca

The villa is located on a plot of 750 m2, with an utilization area of 500 m2. It consists of 2 floors, an attic and a basement floor as well as a garden around the house.

From the entrance of the villa is created the idea of a single space, however all the premises are connected in a natural way between them. The layout of the spaces is created by stylized semi-transparent walls, somewhere with greenery and somewhere with wallpaper or applications. In the entire first floor area of 150 m2, was used only one door, that of the toilet. The organization of the space is such that it allows orientation more easily, without opening and closing doors and creates the idea of a warm, open and uncomplicated family environment.

The space is conceived in such a way that natural light penetrates completely enough to create the idea of ​​being almost outdoors. Combining lighting with furniture, colors and marble create spectacular shades. The kitchen is located in the brightest part of this floor giving the possibility of cooking in the most desired conditions by every housewife. The cooking plan takes form on a peninsula in the middle of the kitchen, allowing ergonomic functionality of this environment and visual communication in optimal conditions with the rest of the environment. The kitchen design is enhanced by the used color, making it a nice invitation to enter in. The kitchen, dining room and hallway floor is paved with marble tiles with dimensions specified by the architect to create the idea of ​​a homogeneous surface which virtually enlarges the space.

The dining area, treated with clean lines furniture, creates contrast with the cooking area and brings an imposing “chic” style that invites you pleasantly in both everyday and ceremonial family events.

The entrance of the living room is solved by raising the floor level in the form of a pedestal paved with wood, in a color that contrasts with the marble surface. One can easily understand that is entering in a dual living environment. The first area is treated simpler, warmer, more comfortable, more ordinary, that allows you to gaze during the day through the glass window the cured outdoor landscape, as well as to enjoy the multimedia part. The latter is camouflaged by a “Madie” furniture chosen for its class, but at the same time elegantly masks the multimedia cable connections. The lighting completes the environment in another dimension as it combines a hidden diffuse lighting with an elegant ceiling lighting. This division, made with a handmade elegant iron separee with ornaments and designed especially for this villa, creates the second living room, which is more ceremonial, warmer and more welcoming. To make it stand out more, the environment has a staircase that breaks the monotony of solid plans of the same quota and creates a pleasing elasticity in its entirety. The colors of the textiles used in the armchairs, curtains and carpets create an ensemble that is both elegant and comfortable.

The class and grandeur of a ceremonial living room is set-off in style by two armchairs of the opposite dominant color softening this feeling as well as creating a deliberate design capriccio at the same time. The functional wood chimney best complements the comfort and hospitality of this environment by bringing to mind a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Bookcases next to the chimney are placed in a secondary plan to highlight the chimney, which is stylized with the same marble that was used in other rooms of the house, but brought in a different shape. The contrast is enhanced by the decorative stone cladding. Decorative accessories such as floor lamps, decorative vases, paintings, candlesticks, greenery and pillows, have been used with finesse to complement and give life to the whole house.

An interesting choice is the staircase that leads to the premises of the upper floors which is treated with the same parquet used in the living area, but which is stylized with finesse and where the combination of contrasting styles is clearly noticed in a perfect harmony.

The second floor lets you know naturally that we have entered the night area. The monotony of a multi-door hallway is broken by the diffused natural lighting made possible by the specially designed glass door in one of the rooms.

The matrimonial room is specially located on the north side which offers a very beautiful relaxing view as well as an indirect natural light, as preferred by the couple living in this house. The furniture are calm, rational and with warm colors that contrast with the white pearl walls as well as the relief of the wallpaper. The upholstered bed, brought in a more contemporary style, sits very well and softens the formality that characterizes other Victorian-style furniture. Artificial lighting gives you the opportunity to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The room is conceived and complemented by the special wardrobe and toilet environment to create maximum privacy and comfort.

Next to the matrimonial room, requested by the residents, has been created the working studio which presents a game of strong contrasts of the wall with the bookcase, of the desk with the parquet, bringing a studio that reflects elegance.

Another request of the residents was the presence of the guest room which was treated simply with calm and stylish colors. The simple and practical furniture is complemented by adding aesthetic value with the placement of wallpaper, carpet and lighting.

The top floor, attic is conceived and designed as an apartment for the family son. A space that meets the requirements and respects the privacy of a growing teenager.

A wall separates the sleeping area from the living and study environment. The furniture come in a modern minimalist style in correspondence with the boy’s age. The psychology used altogether allows the perception of spaces that enter and exit from each other, with walls that are cladded with wood paneling, wallpaper and hanging ceilings creating a beautiful, optimistic and relaxed environment that subconsciously creates the idea that every thing can be possible and feasible. Part of the attic is a room treated as a “game room”.

Having a basement floor was one of the main requirements of the client. The architect has designed this environment with a special attention and different functions. On this floor are intertwined service facilities such as caretaker room, laundry, storage, toilet and entertainment and relaxation facilities, gym, billiard room, wine bar and a bar. Even here, the breaking of the monotony and the creation of rhythm comes from the raising the quota of the floor, the lowering of the ceilings as well as the separation with partition walls. Textures and accessories have been carefully selected to create an environment of relaxation and fun as cozy and welcoming as possible.

The garden part is conceived with a mainly perimetric greenery, with fruit trees, leaving a green space with grass and a foyer in the center. Trees and plants have been chosen to create contrasts and colors throughout the seasons, but with a spectacle of spring colors. As mentioned above, the exterior is slightly touched with some details. A stylized element with wood has created a more intimate environment on the verandas, where an easily movable living corner is placed throughout the garden.

Taking on this job has been a challenge for me, as the style that clients preferred was not the style I liked aesthetically.

But I believe that the key to success in designing and furnishing any environment lies in dedication, using knowledge in the right way, being aesthetically correct, experimenting boldly and gaining a mutual trust. It is also very important an open mutual interaction between the architect and the clients, tolerance on both sides, but never allowing the whims to spoil the whole and the logic. First of all, for me, functionality, comfort, practicality, interior design logic and aesthetics are important, definitely in their function, but without underestimating the financial value.

My advice: take care of the accessories and details, they give real class and beauty to your premises.

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