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V Vila
Individual Vila
LAAGO Architects
Larisa Agovi, Marsida Dema
Lundër, Tirane
340 m2
Bora Dervishi
Alba Elettrica, Pmg Xhindoli Group, Porcelanosa, Baxter, Poliform, Minotti, Arte Brotto

Calm and harmony, isn’t this what we would like to feel when we open the door to our “world” called home? Minimalism allows the mind to relax and disconnect, to process the day without noise, so to focus on what really matters.

A home should always feel like home. Designing a space while staying minimal in style does not mean that makes a less inviting space.

This villa is located in a suburban area of Tirana and all the functions are distributed in three levels.

Quiet, neutral colors, that range from white to gray, highlight the play with the volumes and highlight the selected products. Keeping the volumes smooth and clean, we can leave the “playful” character to the details.

One of the moments that  was treated with a special attention is the living, where minimal fireplace treated with decorative paint,  transforms into the dominant volume of space.

The mezzanine, as a suspended space in the air, from which you experience the two floor height of living area, where the piano and library are deliberately placed. Conceived as detachment that creates the right privacy for playing the piano, but not depriving others of the melody of the sounds. A “secret” entrance to the studio is integrated into the library that covers the entire length of the wall.

An important attention was given to the effects created by the technical, architectural and hidden lighting. To provide the proper attention to the living space, a lighting fixture with an installation character is selected as only decorative lighting element for this environment.

Stairs floats over the marble floor.  The minimal treatment, with marble-clad resembles a folded white paper,  with a translucent glass rail without profiles, fits into the villa’s character.

The dining area detaches visually from the living, in a space illuminated by a “barrisol cloud” that disappears its upper boundary. To contrast it, a rustic-style table manages to stay inviting and silent alongside the living composition.

A minimal space does not mean a simple white cell that sometimes is conceived as cold, but what is necessary and what is not.

about LAAGO Architects

LAAGO Architects was founded in July 2016 by Larisa Agovi, a registered architect and designer, and supported by a passionate team of skilled, motivated architects, interior/exterior designers and newly graduates the Studio has successfully realized a range projects of different scales, typologies and styles.

LAAGO is built on the idea that relevant, fresh and inspiring architecture can be sourced from simple, everyday experiences and through a fresh and energetic focus to design.

This multi-disciplinary Studio counts a considerable number of newly-built and renovation/refurbishment projects in its portfolio, creating vibrant, flexible and comfortable spaces.LAAGO takes the process of architecture very seriously and understands that open communication, collaboration, transparency and good management help cultivate a well-organized project team of designers, clients and constructors.

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