Kitchen Work Triangle – SMEG

Trekëndëshi i punës në kuzhinë

Kitchen Work Triangle – SMEG

The kitchen work triangle is a 90-year-old concept that dictates the placement of the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. According to the theory, when these three elements are close (but not too close) together, the kitchen will be easy to use, and the cook won’t have to take a lot of wasted steps. It’s about as well-known and time-tested an interior design concept as they come.

The kitchen work triangle idea was originally called “circular routing” and was rolled out at a women’s exposition in 1929. The concept dovetailed nicely with the so called scientific management principles en vogue at the time, which promoted labor efficiency and productivity but were later criticized for treating humans like machines. The Illinois School of Architecture further developed the concept in the 1940s, bringing it to more or less its current form.

Trekëndëshi i punës në kuzhinë smeg

Even though the kitchen work triangle concept is now decades old, its appeal lives on. For a cook, having the three most important kitchen elements no more than a few steps away is as convenient as it ever was. The layout this concept dictates tends to lead to proper counter space surrounding the sink and major appliances. If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen where the refrigerator is placed right up against the sink, you will know how sorely that counter space separating the two is needed. From a safety perspective, it’s important not to have cabinets or islands blocking the cook’s path from one area to another. Minimizing foot traffic through the cook’s working space also greatly increases productivity and convenience.


Here are the specific rules that dictate a proper work triangle:

  • The three elements (cooktop, sink, and refrigerator) must be laid out in a triangle pattern, between 4 feet and 9 feet apart.
  • The total length of all three sides of this imaginary triangle must be no less than 13 feet but no more than 26 feet.
  • Cabinets, islands, tables, and other partial-height obstacles must not stick into the triangle more than 12 inches.
  • Full-height obstacles, such as floor-to-ceiling cabinets, should not intrude into the triangle at all.
  • You should avoid traffic flow through the triangle.
Trekëndëshi i punës në kuzhinë

It is also important to note that the lengths of the triangle does not have to be equal, the shape of the triangle will depend on the shape of your kitchen. In some cases the kitchen triangle layout may not be practical or possible to incorporate into your design however if this can be implemented it would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity.


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