“Syri i Qiellit” Memorial

“Syri i Qiellit” Memorial

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“Syri i Qiellit” Memorial
X-plan Studio
X-plan Studio
Tirana, Albania

Concpted as a medium solution between the memorial and the pavilion, this object aims to turn into one of the key and landmark points of the Artificial Lake park. The philosophy of the spatial conception of the object lies in the transparent relationship of the moving process in it, starting from arrival in the object, moving to the filtering space and arriving at the central inspiration space, which is also a compositional center of architectural formulation.

The spaces flow naturally from the outside into the interior of the object and vice versa, utilizing the surrounding area for various social-cultural activities in function of poetry. The facility, alongside the memorial commemorating the 1989 tragedy, which took the lives of 23 people, most of whom were students of the Tirana Agricultural University, doctors and pilots, aims to turn into a social hub for young  writers in Tirana, and for park attendants.

Symbolically, the object metaphorically expresses the connection between the two worlds through the form and compositional center, the coldness of the wounds through the sharp materials such as corten steel, letters and poetry through the 23 vertical metal panels that make up the object, the serenity and infinity through the use of reflective materials and through the angle of inspiration. The continuous reflection of the sky through the human scale reflective surface, gives an approach between real and surreal, between paradise and earth.

The effects created by the materials, light and nature, provide different and relaxing moments in every day of the year and every season. The pavilion does not interfere strongly by disrupting the harmony of nature, but adapts to the park and becomes part of it.

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