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Supreme Hotel & Spa

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Supreme Hotel & Spa
FOCUS architecture
Arch. Gentian Parruca, Arch. Enkelejd Karanxha, Arch. Redon Iljasllari
Qerret, Durrës, Albania
9450 m²

Con/Ing. Arton Poro, Ing. Alket Kumaraku, Ing. Artan Dersha, Ing. Denis Sinjari, Ing. Arber Capo

Given the natural beauty of Qerreti Beach, the ever-increasing tourist flow, and the need for high quality hotels, the need for modern contemporary construction is high. This is what the project seeks to accomplish.
The 7-floor above the ground plan + the loft and the basement underground,
identifies the structure of the reinforced concrete construction between the two existing buildings, respecting the respective distances from these objects and the property boundary. The facility is accessed by the secondary road to the south-east. In the accommodation project between the road and the entrance, a ‘barrier’ square is envisaged to make the hotel entrance more visible. Exterior layouts include pedestrian areas, car crossings and parking lots, green spaces and outdoor parking.

The elevation development of the new structure divides it by functions:
On the ground floor of 1,217 m² are the SPA Area, Indoor Swimming Pool, Gym, Kitchens, Technical Service, Storage and Staircase and Elevator Group. On the 895m² 8 ground floor, there is the Reception, lobby, bar – restaurant, auxiliary facilities, electric cab with generator and stair-elevator corps. Upstairs are developed hotel rooms, which are connected to the hallway and the emergency stairs, positioned in the center of the building, to eliminate long distances from the hotel room doors. Upstairs there is an accommodation of 121 different standard rooms. Double rooms, triple rooms and suites.

Vertical movement in the object is done through two 2 lifts, with a capacity of 8 people each and emergency stairs provided with fire resistant doors and facade openings (natural lighting).
On the ground floor, on the east side of the planimetric solution, is the entrance hall, with an area of 256 m². Halls paving is provided with marble while the walls are lined with boiserie, decorative paint and marble skin. The ceilings are with KNAUF gypsum hinged ceilings (REI 90). The technical premises have an area of 50m². On the west side of the ground floor is a restaurant overlooking the sea, with an area of 379 m².

Room Typologies:

  • Double standard room with an area of 30-33 m²
  • Tripple room with an area of 37 m²
  • Suites with an area of 49-52 m².

The floors of the rooms are paved with 1.4 cm engineering flooring. Under the leveling layer will be placed (phonostop) to eliminate noise coming in the vertical direction. The interior walls are painted with eco-friendly paint. Hanging ceilings are made out of KNAUF plaster again (REI 90) and the corridor between the rooms is paved with marble.

The volume of the building is simple, treated with straight lines and clean volumes. The ground floor and the last floor are treated with semi-structural glass facade, in which white volumes are coated with ALPOLIC tiles, modulated to fit the architecture of the building. Volumes give the idea of three opaque volumes, with openings from floor level to ceiling. Being located near the sea and for tourists, it has been necessary to equip the hotel rooms with lodges. To change the rhythm of the functional layout of the dormitories, the facade has been treated with different positioning of the windows and the lodges.

The treatment of facade with glass materials, and ALPOLIC coats, make the building easily distinguishable from other residential buildings. The technology used for the facade was a ventilated facade. This type of technology has been selected to reduce energy consumption as much as possible and to protect the facility from the overheating of solar radiation. In the glass facade, it is intended to use a structural facade, with thermal structure and thermal glass.

The main challenge of this project was the first request from investors, whether it would be possible to start work in September (the date that coincides with the end of the summer season) and to end on June 30 (the date that coincides with the start of the summer season). This was a requirement almost beyond any construction logic, considering the volume of work we would face: a 9200 m2 building area plus the interior design of the hotel. And after a discussion inside the studio, we agreed. We knew that a perfect building would require well-defined projects and details, but most of all we needed professional, capable and selfless collaborators. So we formed a team that helped us out, until the last minutes. The coordination of the architects in the office and  engineers in the field has been perfect. One of the other requirements that the design studio faced was to furnish rooms with sea views. The request was successfully completed, as all rooms overlook the sea.

about FOCUS architecture

The studio opened in 2009 and deals mainly with architectural design and interior design. It also deals with the implementation of the objects it designs. FOCUS architecture is located at “Mihail Popi” Street, s.27, Entrance 3, 1st Floor, Apt. no.7, Tirana.

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