Studio of an architect

studioja e nje arkitekti

Studio of an architect

How do you imagine the creative space of an architect?

Architecture is a committed profession, which is stimulated by every element around us, but above all by the environment where we live / work (no, it’s not just Pinterest that is the source of inspiration)
Consequently, when start sketching a new project, the working space should  tease  you and also  provide  you with the necessary excitement and comfort to generate a creative brainstorm.
But how is an architect’s studio nowadays ?

studio e nje arkitekti

A place where the architect offers his customers the opportunity to touch the products suggested  to be implemented  in their projects.
Dozen  of catalogs (you  will find this in every studio )  to compare the selected products, and facing the  real time the customer’s preferences  and  adapting to the client’s  budget.
At De.studioarchitects, besides  the work space, which comes organically placed in the solution of the space,, we found a studio a little different from the others, conceived on the need to touch and perceive the sensations of materials, the products themselves creating a series of mini environments, when the atmosphere of a house was clearly simulated.
Let’s find out a little more about the De.studioarchitects studio run by the ark. Paola Cobo.

studio e nje arkitekti
studio e nje arkitekti

Where  did the idea of such an architectural studio came up?

The idea of such a studio was born from a combination of my academic training in one of the most prestigious universities in terms of architecture and engineering, as well as the fact that in the Albanian market I noticed the shortcomings of a specialized studio in designing and implementing the project. I wanted to do something to help not only the client but also the professionals.

arkitekte Paola Cobo

As you have studied architecture in Florence, is this a typical  typology you encountered there, or just a hybrid born of needs?
It’s clear that in Italy especially in Florence, architecture studios are well-structured, in order to help the client as professionally as possible. There are many such examples in countries where great attention is paid to materials, realization technology, textures and production details of industrial design. Growing up in a family that deals with the sale of raw materials for furniture production and not only, I thought to offer a wider panorama for customers by offering them not only the abstract idea of ​​conception of spaces, but also their materialization.
I wanted to be able to give an example of the concept of the company in which the client managed to have not only the conceptual design but also the sense of sensitivity of the products used in the project. For me, the contact with reality and the good knowledge of what the Albanian market offers in this field is very important.

studio e nje arkitekti

How much important is to you, that meeting  with  your client  reflects your style, in materials, colors and also in the atmosphere created in your studio?
Which is you style or what characteristics are always present in your projects?

I have tried to create the opportunity for the client that through the organized studio  space , not only to have direct contact with the materials but also perceive my style. I think that every architect should have his signature and stamp not only in the jurisdiction but above all in style. I am specialized in Feng Shui and passionate about Indonesian and North African architecture. I try to apply the main principles of positive energy in every project, both in terms of materials and in terms of environmental energy.

What  feelings you want yo transmit to  your customers?

What I wanted to make  my  customers feel  is what they transmit  to me. Before I start a project, the most important stage for me is to get to know the client. First I do this by  having long conversations to understand their concept of what they want to experience. After all, the project is done to be lived by others and should be the worldview of those who will live the architecture, the key word of the concept.
The field of design is very wide, not only in typology but also in the diversity of technologies and materials used.

How important is for customers to see, touch and visualize what you propose in your projects?

That’s the decent thing to do. Architecture gives you the opportunity to create and fantasize endlessly, but once the projects are realized, a number of factors must be considered: what the Albanian market offers, which I can say is limited, the technologies that exist in our industry, costs and cost comparison. of different materials. Once customers are in contact with the products, they can understand how they are in terms of sensitivity, texture and cost. The fact that in the studio I have used many different materials but also variants of the same typology provides  them with  the opportunity to compare not only in quality but also in cost.

studio e nje arkitekti

Does it affects the  clients to easily. embrace you proposals  after the studio? 

Of course. I always hold the first meetings in the office and make sure that the customers understand in detail what I have to offer. In general, it happens that many are curious to understand how different objects are realized in the office. It also helps me understand what attracts their attention the most.

What is the most beloved environment for you in your office?

I believe the place where I spend most of my time… desk…

studio e nje arkitekti

What about where customers feel most comfortable?

The area where I expect customers is conceived as if it were a living room. They have a very comfortable sofa, also I have a comfortable and professional armchair at the same time. The fact that they feel at home makes them more relaxed and perhaps even more inspired by what they want to get out of the project.

studio e nje arkitekti
studio e nje arkitekti

Which element has proved necessary for customer’s decision making?
Do you have any advice for those architects who want to create their own studio?

I believe in professionals in Albania and what I would advise would be specialization in a specific field or technology that would make them unique and come to the surface from a very diverse market of professionals or not, such as the emergency market of Albania. Revealing this, I would advise them to apply to their office. A client must be in direct contact with the architectural and professional spirit of the architect.
The moment you enter an architectural office, the style should be directly visible and the atmosphere of what the client will get should be felt.

Thank you!

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