Music Studio Design

studio muzike nga de.studio architects

Music Studio Design

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Music Studio Design
Music  production
De.studio architects
Paola Cobo
Tirana, Albania
50 m2

studio muzike nga de.studio architects

This music studio project was a challenge not only in the visual conception but also in its realization.

studio muzike nga de.studio architects

The project is conceived on the basis of creating an interesting atmosphere of lights and colors intertwined with very simple decor objects both morphologically and chromically. This has been achieved through the study of sound equipment and acoustic panels, which are very technical. The goal was to create an inspiring and stimulating environment for the artistic creativity that the studio aims.

This atmosphere is realised through the use of LED lights which change color and complement the monochromatic environment, giving the studio vitality and the opportunity to change frequently.

A very special attention has been paid to acoustics. All panels are custom made or purchased from major global companies, specialised in their production.

The space is conceptually divided into two parts, the technical post-production area and a relaxation area. In the relaxation area, attention has been paid to the logo design as well as the history of the discography.

In addition to the treatment of the walls, special attention was paid to the insulation of the entire building as well as the treatment of the ceiling with special acoustic materials. As for the floor, it was chosen to use moquette, as it helps absorb sound and does not create noise in case there are more people in the studio. Insulating materials have been used not only in the manufacture of doors, but also in their exterior cladding.

The choice of using several types of insulating materials was made to create the concept of a variety in form and function.

studio muzike nga de.studio architects
studio muzike nga de.studio architects

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