Textile Showroom & Offices

Textile Showroom & Offices

Project name: Textile Showroom & Offices
Typology: Commercial/showroom/offices
Studio: Tharm Architects
Architect: Tharm Architects
Location: Tapizë, Fushë-Krujë, Albania
Status: Under construction
Construction year: 2019
Floor Area: 409 m2
Floors: 2

The Textile Showroom & Offices was part of the shortlist in Share Future Projects Awards Tirana 2020. Situated in Tapizë, Fushë-Krujë, 16 km North of the center of Tirana.  It is a renovation project of an existing warehouse.


At first, the space was deemed as monotonous, a large storage messily filled with stocks of materials, giving the feeling of “emptiness”.

Top plan


The layout is divided in two main “chambers”:

  1. The Storage
  2. The Showroom

Ground floor plan

1st floor plan

The areas are visually and physically divided across by a “wall”.

The fact that the project would be developed inside a warehouse, lead to the selection of elements related to storing and materiality.

To suit the industrial style, the inspiration came from shipping containers. The new structures are similar to containers, which create a volumetric dynamism of void and solid, by giving different emotions to each space.

The height of the building is utilized by lifting up the new structure that serves the offices, whose load is sustained by 2 sets of V shaped columns. As a result the needed space for exhibition purposes is created.

Elevation and section


Two more containers on the ground level are placed on both edges for further balance and respectively serve as an exhibiting hub and reception. Right in the center is the lobby, which is perceived in every direction from the ground floor.

Different display units


The usage of natural elements like plants and wood inside the offices creates a positive workspace and a relaxing feeling.  Inspired by the variety of colors of fabrics, colors are used in these spaces as well.

The colors were chosen for different reasons:

Red: used as an orienting and focusing element. It draws the most attention and directs people to move towards the reception area.

Yellow: the color of optimism. Used to give youthful and fresh energy, yellow is a color associated with success and confidence.

Black: the lack of color. It cover,  hides and creates the illusion of an invisible object when the place is dark.

White: used to convey clean and calmness in the working place

Because the display fabric racks were enormous and took too much space, it was proposed to take small fabric samples to later organize them into smaller display units specially designed. The display units are organized in a radial distribution in order for the public to see both sides of the exposed fabrics.

Beginning of construction

The proposal aims to reshape the internal area into a welcoming workplace and at the same time develop an exhibiting space for textile materials.



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