SMEG: Small appliances

SMEG: Small appliances

Architecture is a label that can be given to household objects and domestic appliances too.
Solid, practical and essential objects that make the kitchen a warm and welcoming place to be.


Smeg reputation for making high-quality design products has been growing worldwide, with our major and small domestic appliances having won several prominent design awards.

Small appliances Smeg


The Italian coffee making tradition finally conquers the domestic spaces, enchanting all the espresso lovers.


Filter (or ‘Americano’) coffee is a pleasure to be savoured slowly, and is often associated with the idea of a long, relaxing break: the ideal companion for a day at work with your cup on your desk, to be enjoyed at breakfast or lunch, or to take with you when you leave the house – a pleasant companion to combat the hustle and bustle of your day.

Expresso coffee machines ,smeg


Fast, safe and reliable, Smeg kettles offer stainless steel body, a large 1.7 litres capacity and a cordless base which makes it even more practical and functional since it can be re-positioned at will.

Kettles smeg


Ease of use and cleaning– the juicer even comes with a cover to protect the appliance from dust when not in use (this can also be used as a container when the product is in use).
The Smeg CJF01 electric citrus juicer combines elegant design and superb performance with reliability. This really is a citrus juicer to show off, increasing the appeal of spending time in the kitchen and offering the sense of well-being which comes from savouring a delicious fresh citrus juice.

Electric Juicer Smeg


For a healthy fruit and yogurt smoothie for breakfast, to recuperate with a refreshing drink after a workout, or to prepare a quick and simple soup for lunch.

Smothie maker Smeg


The Smeg toaster combines ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetic balance.

Toaster Smeg


Smeg stand mixers, characterised by curving lines and vibrant colours that reflect your inventive spirit and passion for cooking, are your ideal ally in the kitchen.

Stand mixers smeg

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