Smeg: Sicily is my love


Smeg: Sicily is my love

Summer can not be understood without the vibrancy of colors and the enthusiasm they convey!
What if this energy is presentable also in the design of your home ?
If you like the ceramics of southern Italy, we bring you a rich collection in color and design, the line of Smeg D&G Sicily is my love brings the atmosphere of summer and the beauties of the Mediterranean.

Siçily is my love

If you want to spice up your kitchen with color and design, especially if you’re a fan of Italian ceramic designs, fill it with as many Smeg’s Dolce and Gabbana-styled Sicily Is My Love appliances as your budget allows.

Smeg, Siçily is my love


Smeg and Dolce &Gabbana join creative forces to create a truly Made in Italy project where experts from the worlds of high design and fashion meet and merge to create unique domestic appliances that uncover an Italian story.


The small appliances collection produced by Smeg with an unmistakable Dolce & Gabbana touch are symbols of an aesthetic inextricably associated with Sicily, home to the souls of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, and more generally with Italy and its cuisine of which Smeg has always been an interpreter of excellence. Toasters, citrus juicer, coffee machines, kettle, blenders, stand mixers and slow juicers all decorated with gold lemons, citrus fruits and bright red cherries are just some of the typical Sicilian decorations framed in triangular motifs.

smeg, Sicily is my love


Divina Cucina is a tribute to Italy’s roots, its traditions and popular festivals in the form of a new freestanding kitchen set and cooker hood with a coordinated FAB28 fridge, rendered unique by bold colours and narrative intensity. The collection is presented in two variants: the first characterised by representations inspired by the Sicilian puppet theatre and the traditional hand-painted cart, where the dominant tones are fiery red and orange, the second by a majolica print in shades of blue and white.

Smeg,Sicily is my love
Smeg,Sicily is my love
Smeg,Sicily is my love

Sicilian painters, highly skilled in the complex decorative arts and “treasures of the past”, turn refrigerators into unique interpretations of Sicilian folklore. The results of passion, profound creativity and a sense of belonging to their land.

Smeg,Sicily is my love

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