SMEG Showroom

SMEG Showroom

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SMEG Showroom
Tirana, Albania
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This project consists of a showroom and as such, we have tried to epitomize the principle of evaluating the products on display. In this case, the architecture is a tool or a bridge, discovering the content of the products.

Smeg itself is an iconic product, and I can say that it is the only brand of kitchen equipment in the world, which combines a modern technology, implemented in the world’s leading architecture, as well as in art.

Smeg Showroom in Albania
Smeg Albania

This passion has made it possible for the design of Smeg products to have the signature of some of the most famous architects in the world today, such as Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Mario Bellini, Guido Canali and Marc Newson. And not only that, a whole line in this company is designed by the fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana, other products are  dressed in fabric from the well-known jeans company “Denim”, or iconic Smeg products that are inspired by Fiat 505.

The project modestly represents the model of a “modern kitchen” as much as a “kitchen workshop”, as the most rationalized and creative space in a home.

It is designed as a “kitchen workshop” or design laboratory, a customized space where customers, designers and architects can coordinate and combine design concepts with passion for design and architecture.

There is a harmonized climate of bureaucratic passions and the company’s own inspiration – it contradicts the philosophy of the 50’s, the arched shape in both retro and extravagant atmosphere, pop art, aesthetic minimalism and perfect artistically models, so that the products are easily turned into stars of the kitchen that we designed.

I believe in the superiority of sensory qualities as well as experimental materials in architecture, in this regard we have tried to aestheticize the details through maximum attention.

In this project we have requested and implemented natural materials such as concrete, steel, bronze, wood and glass. The surfaces and refinements of the materials have been refined. We tried, through the stylization of harmonizing materials, to allow strong contrasts in form and content, in color and light.

In the designing process of showroom architecture, we relied on two criteria: service and memory, which are related to experience.

“Service”, because the objects in the interior, like the buildings, fulfill a certain function: “They must serve to people.” A product should communicate with its surroundings, among other things, and allow users to interact with it.

“Memory”, because the idea and the project represent a long conceptual history, the study of forms, functions, and feelings. The value of a product cannot be fully understood if it is not fully experienced personally.

We tried to turn the experience in this showroom into a seminar model – because so is the product. They are not just “Refrigerators” – the artistic ability has turned them into something else, and we have been inspired by that.

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