SMEG FAB28 Denim Fridge

SMEG FAB28 Denim Fridge

Smeg’s 50’s Style range features unmistakably vintage designs whose classic, curvaceous lines and vibrant colours combine perfectly with cutting-edge technology. The original and best FAB28 coloured refrigerator is more than just a mere fridge. It dominates its surroundings, just like the sofa or lamp in your living room.

Smeg and Italia Independent have contaminated the icons of the past to produce a new style icon: FAB26 Denim Fridge.

FAB28 denim fridge

For over 60 years, Smeg have designed, and continue to design, appliances to adorn homes around the world, and Italia Independent, a brand of creativity and style, have contaminated two icons: the FAB28 fridge and denim. Is it art for art’s sake? No, it is creativity for the home, style for every day.

Combine and reinterpret. Using objects from the past and traditional ideas and stitching them together with style and refinement. These are the actions that have inspire the two Italian brands to produce not just objects, but items that have their own story to tell, their own way of being and communicating.

This is how the first fridge to be entirely covered in denim came into being. Not just any fridge, not the usual type of jeans.

Denim has always been a part of everyone’s imagination and communicates freshness and comfort, rebellion and style.

It goes with outsaying that in order to use it in a domestic context, the fabric, itself a mix of tradition and innovation, is treated with PLASMA, a nano-technology, which protects the surface of the fridge from splashes of water, oil, milk and fruit juices.

Source: smeg.com

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