KNX Smart System in Hotel Management

Eelectron KNX smart system

KNX Smart System in Hotel Management

Hospitality industry is a complex environment with a particular attitude and attention to exceptional guest experience through usability, comfort and design, and delivery of a quality service through profitable operational efficiency and integration.

With over 20 YEARS of EXPERIENCE and everyday learning from hotel operators and managers, Eelectron is recognized as one of the leader in the KNX HOTEL MARKET. Many progressive hotels rely on KNX. The KNX technology enables central and individual linking and control of the individual modules. Thus, owners and investors, architects, planners and electrical installers have long-term security and in Albania this is provided only by Abiesse.

Eelectron KNX smart system
Eelectron KNX smart system

What is KNX?

 KNX is the Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control. In order to transfer control data to all building management components, a system is required that does away with the problems of isolated devices by ensuring that all components communicate via one common language: in short, a system such as the manufacturer and application domains independent KNX Bus.
Bus devices can either be sensors or actuators needed for the control of building management equipment such as: lighting, blinds / shutters, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, signalling and monitoring systems, remote control, metering, audio / video control, etc.
All these functions can be controlled, monitored and signalled via a uniform system without the need for extra control centres.

Eelectron KNX smart system
Eelectron KNX smart system

Deploying a wide spectrum of dedicated solutions, Eelectron is assuring considerable energy savings through an intelligent management of lighting, heating and cooling systems, delivering fast returns on investments and flawless project execution.

Full secured KNX installations are guaranteed both from attacks carried out remotely, and from the risk of possible tampering of the bus system aimed at stealing informations or sending unwanted commands: without having the necessary cryptographic keys, it is not possible to decrypt and replicate data traffic. A safe energy management is granted also through redundant power supplies which reduce loads peaks and react to unexpected failures.

hotel plaza
The Plaza Hotel - Lighting by Abiesse

Some of Abiesse‘s works in Albania are:

  • The Plaza Hotel – Service rooms, bars, restaurants, meeting and events rooms, fitness, spa, parking, corridors: Lighting control, air conditioning, shutters, touchscreen, measurement of electrical cabin parameters, generator, UPS, monitoring and controlling software etc;
  • Hilton Garden Inn Tirana – Service facilities, restaurant, bar, reception, meeting and conference rooms: Lighting control, RGB, air conditioning, touchscreen;
  • Hotel Pro Credit, Prevalle: Room access, air conditioning, lighting, hotel management software;
  • Grand Casino Tirana: Lighting, scripts, control software;
  • Hotel Bolv: Room access, air conditioning, lighting, hotel management software;
  • As well as many villas and apartments which use the KNX smart system from Eelectron.
Hilton Garden Inn Tirana
Hilton Garden Inn Tirana - Lighting by Abiesse

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