Private House

private house architecture archistudio

Private House

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Private House
Matilda Pando, Junilda Karanxha
Vlora, Albania
425 m2
Genti Onuzi
Architect: Genta Karanxha, Bruno Rama, Olti Tufa; Structural engineering: Helidon Kokona

private house architecture archistudio

The Villa is situated in the city of Vlora, at the  end of a steep mountain slope, between the characteristic vegetation of the area, descending real close to the national riviera road of and to the coastline.

private house architecture archistudio

The project’s design was born naturally, following the limitation and inability of the property to expand, the site’s characteristics and topography.

The construction was positioned on the most balanced terrain platform, but also in the most privileged opening of the landscape, taking advantage of the slope to the north, with the design of an underground diaphragm in defense of the rocky terrain slides.

albanian architecture

The concept of the villa is a rigid as well as minimalist structure, with open flexible plans, also inserted into the ground, escalated covers that link together in a fragmented way, creating a continuous fusion with the natural environment and landscape.

Another important factor to mention is the minimization of the decorative. The image created by the volumes, the full angles of the covers, vertical bris-soleil, shadows cast during the day, and from the moon at night, in the concreted cladding facade, function as the main decor of the villa.

albanian architecture
albanian architecture
albanian architecture

Eptimization of the natural environment propagates a more discreet, more rational architecture, which in our attention, simplifies the form by evaluating the functional space of  both inside and outside, the light, contrasts, transparency and the natural element in the construction technique or material.

The spatial concept is related to all these features, especially to materials and light.

albanian architecture
albanian architecture

A solid material such as concrete was chosen, in order  to emphasize the geometry and volumetric appearance of the building, which affects the form of interior spaces, at the same time steel and wood balance and differentiate the relationships of volumes, lines and weight of materials in general.

The house is organized in two main volumes, on one and two floors above ground.

Although the dwelling remains a very personal space, where vital functions are mixed in and out of it, sustainability is particularly associated with passive aspects, which have to do with awareness of nature appreciation.

The green and utilized terrace with characteristic Mediterranean plants, such as lavender and thyme, accessed by the transparent elevator, has become part of a natural ecosystem found and cultivated there.

Vila Nga archistudio plani i katit perdhe
Vila Nga archistudio plani i katit i pare
Projket nga archistudio plan

The daytime area with double height, also follows the fluidity of the flexible plan, where one of the most important resizing elements is the way natural light interferes in this space.

Natural light subjectively enables the volume to be restructured, through its multidimensional intersection, between the refractions and contrasts that light creates.

Service facilities take place on the underground and ground floor, while the night area on the second floor connectswith terraces and plans to the steep slope of the mountain, as it merges with it.

facade concept

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