MALAJ-A Headquarters

MALAJ-A Headquarters

MALAJ-A Headquarters

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MALAJ-A Headquarters
Besnik Grainca Architect
Besnik Grainca
Durrës, Albania
400 m2
Agon Nimani

The aim in the MALAJ-A Headquarters project concept was creating a new landmark building in this industrial area.

Organized as a cube with concrete structure, covered with glass on three sides of the building, divided by an atrium as a core of the building as well as energy-efficient solution by letting the air flow in order to have a natural ventilation.

The main task was to design an inspiring and healthy workplace by harmonizing virtual, social and physical world, biophilic design was implemented in the project, which includes materials such as travertine marble on the stairs, wall and reception, walls covered in wood panels, marble in toilets and other elements of wood used in furniture, plants, rooftop-terrace.

The x shape of the façade structure of windows are floor-to-ceiling achieving plenty of light and a cross ventilation.

The concept of interior is based on principles where working spaces offer a strong connection to it’s employees by using glass to divide working spaces in order to maximize access of light and visual contact, revealing the interaction between people and spaces, as well as their needs in contrast to sealed industrial structures of the surrounding neighborhood.

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