The role of an architect in the real estate market

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The role of an architect in the real estate market

Today we will talk about the real estate market and the role of the architects in it. Despite the unprecedented situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market is among the first to reflect the changes in economy. But what are some of the crucial elements in valuing a property?

Since we are focused on architecture, we want to understand how the role of the architect affects the value of a home. Our conversation takes place with a real estate expert of several years, Klaudio Dervishi, real estate consultant at RE / MAX Infinity Home.

Roli i arkitektit në tregun imobiliar Martini Design Studio
Redesigned apartment: the cooking area is separated from the living room area by a wall of glass | Martini Design Studio

The costs to hire an architect are huge, and for some it is even considered a luxury. Do you think that designing your house with a professional is a good investment?

Designing your house with an architect is an added value to the property and it is definitely a good investment. The architect makes a property offer its best both functionally and visually. Hiring a professional definitely has a certain cost, but in the meantime increases the quality of life as well as the value of the property in the market.

Have you, as an expert in property valuation, noticed any ease of selling apartments / premises in case they are designed by an architect?

What are the strengths? The functional solution, combination, materials, orientation, lighting or the whole atmosphere?

When a property is treated by an architect, from the moment of advertising it attracts the attention of potential buyers. Both exterior and interior architects play a role in creating features that affect the value of a property. For the first buyer the most important features are the efficient organization of spaces and orientation. This is because when judging a property, we make our decision based mainly on logical elements or parameters.

In cases when the property is offered finished and furnished there are more elements that determine its value. Unlike the first case, in such properties, the decision-making process for the buyer is more emotional than logical. Thus the strongest point becomes the feeling you experience during the visit at the property, a feeling that comes from the whole atmosphere and the elements that make it up.

The apartment makes maximum use of natural light | OCA – ONE CLICK ARCHITECTS

How can this ease be translated into percentage? 5-10% more than the value of an environment of the same format and location, or even more?

This ease brings two advantages. The same location and format can affect the price by 10-15%. The second advantage is in time, the property would be sold faster because it attracts more interest from potential buyers.

Is there a specific reason why a house designed by an architect is preferred or not?

The main reason is that a house designed by an architect offers the best for the one who will use or exploit it. You get the functional solution done and need less time to start using the environment. It happens in rare cases, where due to different circumstances, the environment becomes too personalized thus limiting the number of potential buyers.

Roli i arkitektit në tregun imobiliar Studioarch4
A small single bedroom apartment is transformed into a larger 3 bedroom apartment with a terrace | Studioarch4

Would you suggest to your clients to conceive / cure their property by an architect? Do you think it is a good investment in time and why?

I would suggest it, even as a necessity. The investment that will be made in the property is always much bigger than the cost of the architect. If the investment is overbold, it risks not only not adding value to the property, but being seen by the buyers as something that needs to be reconceptualized and rebuilt. So it can turn into an obstacle at the moment of sale. The architect will definitely make sure that the investment is sustainable, aesthetic and serves a function.

Do you have any advice for architects or clients?

Both the purchase and the design of the property ,ade by the architect, will directly affect the lifestyle of an individual or a family. I would suggest that they address both of these processes in collaboration with professionals. For the architect I would say that, it is definitely important to understand the taste of the clients, but in the meantime he must strongly maintain a necessary balance in order for the investment to be sustainable.

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