Restaurant DETIJON

restorant DETI JON BGStudio

Restaurant DETIJON

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Restaurant DETIJON
Tirana, Albania
140 m2
Agon Nimani

restorant DETI JON BGStudio

Beauty is form of liking and harmony of the parts within a body, in relation to the definite number, the outer line, and the position, as dictated by Concinnitas, the irrefutable and essential rule of nature (De ra aed.,p.303).

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“Deti JON” restaurant, which means IONIAN SEA, comes from a long experience of chain local family businesses. The brand itself has turned into a culinary icon, known for its quality food with fresh sea products. The restaurant is located on a crowded avenue near the city center of Tirana (Albania) and is specifically aimed at an audience attentive to healthy eating habits. The restaurant serves fresh seafood coming directly from Vlora, a south Albanian city, known from its turquoise crystal Ionians waters and delicious fresh sea food. Vlora is the dividing line between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, has a magnificent view of the Bay and one of the most beautiful touristic Seaside City with rocky beaches.

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This panoramic view is the inspiration and key element of the concept, which aimed to reproduce an atmosphere reminiscent of the beautiful beaches of southern Albania, a space that interacts with key nature elements like water, rocks, trees and plants providing comfort and a taste of Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

restaurant DETI JON
BGStudio architecture

The construction materials and colors were chosen to resemble these natural elements that resurrect the feeling of standing near the beach in south of Albania. On the basis retaining the original texture of the natural elements, the details are made more attractive through certain adjustments and then presented in a modern aesthetic way.

The rock wall on the prive covered with glass as a screen and framed with a stripe of LED light, is a strong identifying element of the shores of Vlora, blended with a natural rock texture of tiles that creates a feeling of familiarity.

BGStudio interior design
interior design
interior design

The deep blue color (pantone2020) prevails throughout the walls and the ceiling of the restaurant, with its reflexes in decorative elements inspired by nature itself combined with wooden panels intertwined with each other, making the space atmosphere warm, quiet and profound.

On the other hand, as a unifying element of the project is the stainless steel sculpture-counter in the middle of the restaurant, with his water shaped pattern, the steel sculpture interacts with lights and people passing through like the floating sea.

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Another refined touch, are the handmade lampshades, chairs, tables and other furniture which has brought once again Vlora touch and it’s magnificent crafts. Being one of the oldest cities in Albania and the region, crafts were an important part of the culture of this city and have been perfectly and with delicacy incorporated into the design.

restorant DETI JON
restorant DETI JON BGStudio

The material choice is not casual. All materials for the design were chosen based on biophilic design and architectural logic although beyond aesthetic, embedding nature into design shows an improvement in comfort and wellbeing, boosted happiness and energy levels.

restorant DETI JON floor plan

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