Resin Art – Oniro Studio

Resin Art – Oniro Studio

What is ONIRO…

Description from the author.  Oniro means dream in Greek, and that’s how the studio started 3 years ago as a dream of beauty, and creating art. Objects in color and design as a tangible dream, which one sees with open eyes.
At first, the work was done with acrylic paint, until one day I discovered by chance on the internet, the resin. I can say it was love at first sight.

Why resin as the main material for your art?

I chose Resin for many reasons. Unlike acrylic paints, resin has a shiny effect that resembles glass. It is resistant to factors such as water – humidity and it lasts a long time without being damaged.
It creates a very beautiful depth effect and lets you work with several layers creating magical effects.

From art object, how did Oniro evolve to produce pieces of design like tables ?

In fact, the first object I created with resin was a wooden cutting board. Then I worked with resin on any other object that inspired me and now we have achieved a range of more than 50 different products.
The profession as an architect has pushed me to create unique products for interior design such as desks, paintings, luminaries, mirrors and more.

Where can clients find you ?

We operate online on the social network instagram @oniro.studio. You can also visit us at the new studio located in Myslym Shyri Street at “Cam” Market entrance. There,  we suggest our clients the best for the needs of their interior.

What is you vision for Oniro?

My vision will always remain to improve and give my best to the client.
Also one of my goals is to make creations for clients outside the borders of Albania, as well as opening an exhibition, which is one of my nearest plans.

Will the product range expand to utilitarian objects or will it be a mix between art and function?

The range of products is expanding day by day, and customers are the ones who inspire me to do so by suggesting their ideas. Our goal is to bring innovative products that are aesthetically and functionally curable.

As a young entrepreneur what were the difficulties you encountered ?

Difficulties and challenges as a young entrepreneur are also daily, due to the fact that each stage of the work is done by one person, from the completion of the works to the sale. When you do not lack the desire to improve, everything is possible.
The biggest motivation and inspiration for me is the work process itself.
I also try to attend seminars and read a lot of business books about sales and marketing to take my entrepreneurship a step further.

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