Resin Technology

Resin Technology

Recently, it seems that the term resin is being widely used, not only in interior design but also in products, decor, etc.

Resin Technology is focused on resin products, architectural projects, and we would like to know a little more about that in this interview.

What is resin?

Resin is a substance with very good physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics which we can divide in 2 main categories which are: plant based resins and synthetic resins or in simpler terms the resins that are produced in the factory.

How many types of resin are? In which environments can we use it and which are its main advantages?

Resin finds use in every environment, which means that there are no restrictions regarding its use. The main advantage of the resin is the realization of a surface without joints, which translates into an antibacterial floor which is widely used in the food and health industry, where hygiene is the main condition.

Photography - Bora Dervishi

Are there any limits in the usage of resin? Indoor or outdoor? Is it used in toilets and humid environments? 

Resin can be used in any support that meets the technical requirements.
The use of resin in toilets is a recent trend that is gaining widespread use.
Regarding humid environments, resin has no problem in cases when the moisture comes from above but in cases when the moisture comes from below (below the resin) then the resin encounters problems. In terms of toilets, resin is a very good solution and there is no problem with the moisture coming from above, only with the moisture coming from below it. A simpler example is the usage of resin in pools which have no problems.
There is no limit in the indoor or outdoor application, you just need to choose the right material in cases when we have an outdoor application.

Photography - Gent Onuzi

Which are the most suitable environments for the resin?

As we said above, the resin is used in every environment, starting from the environment that has the Technical condition to the environments that require something aesthetic, such as bar-restaurants, showrooms, residential premises, etc.

Is it an ecological material, does it affects human health?

During the drying process, the resins release chemicals which are harmful if proper protective measures are not taken.
Once the resin dries 100% there is no health problem.

Textures and colors?

There are infinit colors and textures.
Resin is a material with which you can realize any shape and any possible texture, you just need a creative mind.

Why architects prefer it?

Resin as a recent innovation in Albania is being widely used in almost every architectural project.
With the recent trend where architects tend to highlight the invisible parts of a building such as: iron, concrete and wood, in cases where the architect cannot extract the original materials then resin is a very good alternative to replacing the materials.

How much does it cost and which characteristics of resin affects to the price?

Resin has a very wide range of prices ranging from 10 euros / m2 to 40 euros / m2.
This huge change in price depends on two factors: the type of resin and the condition of the surface on which the resin will be applied.

What is one project u can highlight made of resine?

There are many projects that I can highlight, but I personally like the showroom for home appliances in Tirana (SMEG).

Smeg Showroom by Archistudio

Where can we find you?

‘Kavaja’ street, ‘Delijorgji’ complex, in front of ‘Condor Center’.

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