Upper Qeparo revitalisation

Upper Qeparo revitalisation

Project by Klaudio ÇURMAKU & Kristi NAÇO


This project consist in a proposal of reusing a abandoned coastal village in south of Albania by changing it functions turning them into tourist developments, preserving the individual character as far as possible.


The economic plan is referred to Urban Management Program of TU Berlin project  “Sustainable Models of Heritage Conservation and Revitalization”. A Proposal for the Historic Villages of Vuno and Qeparo, Albania” by concentrating the project only in Qeparo.

There is proposed a bipartite system made up of two linked entities: (1) a for-profit entity, the Village Corporation, tasked with generating financial capital via a land trust and a local business, the Village Hotel and (2) a non-profit entity, the Village Conservation Lab, tasked with conducting the conservation work.

The intervention consist in three areas, the center of the village where are proposed the restoration and adaptation of some of buildings that form the main plaza and two Village Hotels,which are selected under certain conditions as are:

– reasonable distance between each-other
– currently uninhabited
– good condition
– beautiful view towards mountains and sea
– short distance from the village centre

Master Graduation project by Klaudio ÇURMAKU dhe Kristi NAÇO, at FAU (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism )  under the supervision of  Prof. Florian Nepravishta.

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