Why do you need to switch to BIM? – Aurora Baba

Why do you need to switch to BIM? – Aurora Baba

The last years have brought innovations and technologies that are advancing day by day. Nowdays everyone has access to the latest technologies and most of us own a smartphone. The collection, processing and management of data becomes ever more detailed and fast. Like any industry, construction too is being influenced by developments of the time. Traditional methods of drawing, processing and calculation are giving way to automation and software that aids in performance and management. Thirty years ago, the industry underwent a change of working process, mindset and processing times, paper drafted replaced CAD (computer aided design) where AutoCAD is the most popular software. Such a transition period has been happening in recent years with BIM technology.

Jeta para AutoCad (BoredPanda)

What is BIM?

While most people think BIM is Revit (Autodesk Revit), this concept is wrong. BIM, abbreviated to Building Information Model, is the process that is built using programs like Revit. Other programs that  can build BIM are Archicad, Vectorworks, Rhino (for part of the process), etc. BIM is defined as a process supported by various tools, technologies and contracts that include the generation and management of digital representations of the physical and functional properties of sites. (Wikipedia) While the American Institute of Architects defines it as “an object-oriented tool in building development,  utilizing 3-D modeling concepts, information technology and interaction software to design, build and operate a construction project, as well as to communicate its details. “

Fazat e projektit qe mbulon BIM (DrawBotics)
Nje projekt ne Revit ku paraqiten plani dhe 3D e objektit (Autodesk)

Ideas by profession.

People of different professions in the construction industry have different concepts regarding BIM, this being associated with some vague thoughts on what BIM means, always referring to as Revit.Below we are writing some of them.

Architects. Lovers of  shapes and volumetric solutions, architects think that Revit is a 3D program. It is clear from BIM’s definition that the process requires the use of 3D elements, closely related to their real physical characteristics, and Revit offers a variety of tools to model custom 3D elements, but it is not a modeling program. Sometimes Revit needs to be joined by Dynamo to design parametric models or organic shapes, which are then transferred to Revit. Genuine modeling software is Autodesk 3Ds Max, Maya, SketchUP, Houdiny, Cinama 4D, Blender, ZBrush etc.

Modelim ne Dynamo dhe integrim ne Revit (Nathan Miller)

Engineers. Paying close attention to technical details, civil engineers, electrical engineers and implant engineers, in most cases, think that Revit is a program that only enables system building and cost estimation. While this is accurate, Revit as a program allows the calculation of structural and thermal analysis of the building through convenient plug-ins from the Autodesk family, such as Robot and Insight360.

Project Manager – BIM Manager – With the task of monitoring the project and its implementation, managers think Revit is a fabulous program that will enable them to coordinate their staff, find overlays and monitor long-established resources project phases. Processes monitorable through Microsoft Projects, Proofhub, Asana, Naviswork etc.
Preventiva ne Revit (Projekt shembull i nje shkolle ne Revit 2019)

Clients – Although with little construction knowledge, clients always want to see you working. Despite not understanding everything that happens in Revit, they still want to see “what the project will look like.” But Revit is not a rendering program. Fortunately, it is becoming a part of rendering programs that make it easy to visualize and coordinate the model in real time. Lumion, Vray and Enscape have developed an integrated plug-in for Revit.

Vizualizim i projektit ne Revit nepermjet Lumion (Lumion)

Why should you switch to BIM?

  • BIM is the future
    Many states are already elaborating specific draft laws and regulations to unify the construction industry. In the same way as a few years ago, with the transition to CAD projects where a number of units were needed, we cite the layer unification for all companies, and Revit is being implemented by various governments to become standard. Supply companies’ products are adapting to BIM typology, eg doors, windows, furniture, electrical systems etc. come complete as 3D elements, with specific data previously only available in the accompanying information.
  • Improves coordination
    We said above that BIM is a technology that enables coordination. BIM is known to have 7 dimensions, or 7D, through which project longevity is monitored and coordinated. The organization helps you find data and documentation easily, both for the staff who have been part of the project since the start of the project and for the people joining during the various stages.
  • Saves time and budget
    Via BIM technology it is quite easy to get plans, facades and 3d with some commands. Process that through CAD would take several days. BIM’s data processing capabilities also allow you to make decisions faster and compare some solutions by replacing the model used in the project.
Disa prej dimensioneve te BIM (DrawBotics)

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