Pierre Cardin Home

Pierre Cardin Home

Pierre Cardin’s world is made up of many elements; it is classic but also avantgard. Fashion, accessories, details, furniture, magic textiles, softness. Such is the innovative world of Pierre Cardin Home.

Geometric and classic shapes in its products, related to fiber interweaving, artisanal forms and technology with the modern one to create unique lines, known all over the world.

Among others, Pierre Cardin Home, after establishing the status of a prestigious brand and being the exclusive provider of unique handicraft carpets and tapestries in Albania and beyond, continued its expansion into the production and supply of Pierre Cardin furniture and taking the exclusivity of famous brands in the furniture industry, mattresses, accessories, wall paper, etc. The materials used by Pierre Cardin consist of fibernatural, anti-bacterial and in harmony with your health.

Pierre Cardin, first came to Albania in June 2010, with a showroom in City Park. Over time, the Pierre Cardin brand became even more powerful in Albania. Today, this brand, developed at Pierre Cardin Home, a conglomerate of brands including Pierre Cardin and a number of other exclusive brands in the Interior Design furnishing industry from around the world.

Pierre Cardin Home’s philosophy since the beginning of its journey has been to offer products and premium brands, for Albanian customers who do not prefer the “usual” but are always looking for unique and luxurious products. So in these 10 years, we were not satisfied only with the Pierre Cardin brand but we took over the distribution of a number of other iconic brands in the interior industry responding to either the demands for a modern, urban style or even the classic, luxurious and incredibly elegant ones.

Products and Services

Products and services you can find at Pierre Cardin Home include:

1. Carpets (acrylic, industrial work)
2. Natural bamboo carpets that are classified: 50% handicraft and 50% industrial production
3. Craftsmanship (100% natural fibers of silk, bamboo and quality wool first, made entirely by hand)
4. Furniture – Everything for home furnishing, in classic or modern style from well-known brands such as DoimoSalotti, Sedit Italia and Zebrano.
5. Wall papers.
6. Dining accessories, dining tables and decorative accessories.
7. Bedding from the well-known brand Valeron.

Everything is conceived and produced with the maximum dedication of artisan masters, realization of projects personalized from A to Zh according to the wishes of the clients, with the most elite materials. The quality and longevity of the products you find at Pierre Cardin Home, come precisely as a result of the use of these first quality materials and the latest production technologies.

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