Pierre Cardin Home: Zebrano Luxury Furniture

Zebrano Luxury Furniture

Pierre Cardin Home: Zebrano Luxury Furniture

What is lux?

By definitions, “ L u x ”, a French origin word, means “ the unit of illuminance and luminous emittance”. In a word, the luminous association of the concept of lux today is not unsubstantial. The replaceable luxury consuming culture, which has changed dimension since the Industrial Revolution, has evolved because of trends and technology and has become more compelling for the manufacturer.

The effort of creating a luxurious brand and making it a  sustainable form such a knife edge position that you must be sufficiently conservative/protectionist, while still following change and innovation.  Quality is a must of luxury, is the outstanding element, but not every quality product can be classified as luxury.

A proved quality standard and a significant investment in the brand are the most important basis of luxury classification. And we introduce you to Zebrano, a luxurious brand that is present even in Albania, and you will be able to find  it at Pierre Cardin Home.

Luxury Furniture Design

We are aware that our market lingers the neoclassical style as the right blend of their style, status and craved quality.

Beside style and quality, Zebrano provides an unique service that is specialized to custom-made projects from A-Z, tailored to meet clients’ requirements and expectations, as the company embraces a totally seamless approach in providing design and supply solutions to the customers’ requirements.

Zebrano living room

The brand has a capacity to plan, execute and manage large scale projects.  One exceptional projects, is our region is Emerald Hotel in Pristina, a project designed by Zebrano, even though some of the  products were designed by Zebrano, they were produced by a different manufacturer.

Emerald Hotel Prishtine
Emerald Hotel Prishtine

One strong point is the company’s world-class art design and engineering studio, able to  handle complex and comprehensive prestigious projects. Zebrano aims to  bring an exaggerated theatric style into life with some of their designs.

Always evolving by blending different material combinations such as wood, marble, glass, fabric and leather and some inspiration from nature.

Zebrano constantly expanded throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Zebrano Sofa

Noble, Attractive and Bold CRATOS

Cratos, with its strong and sharp details, emphasises the synergy of nobility from the past with modern style.

zebrano cratos bedroom design
zebrano cratos kitchen design
zebrano cratos dining room

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