Pierre Cardin Home: Sofa Trends in 2020

Pierre Cardin Home: Sofa Trends in 2020

The 2020 trends in terms of furniture have a lot to do with the sensations and the relationship that must be created between object and person. Interior design trends are going in the direction that best expresses 3 fundamental values: materiality, functionality, modularity.

Below we represent you the Doimo Salotti sofa trends of the year by Pierre Cardin Home.

Leonard Sofa

Soft lines and a retro taste

Often willingly, tomorrow’s trends look to the past with respect and nostalgia. This year definitely consecrate the curves and enveloping lines retro sauce. A bit like Diomo Clark sofa by Pierre Cardin Home which combines retro style with modern design. An absolutely non-conventional elegant  sofa, which makes it unique in its kind. A comfortable sofa with feather cushions will be your perfect place for long conversations and moments of relaxation.

Clark Sofa

Velvet returns to the fore

Velvet fabrics have always represented a niche within the large panorama of upholstery fabrics. After a rising 2019, 2020 is also his lucky year. Warm, soft and to touch, velvet has always had a certain influence on our sensations. It conveys prestige and delicacy and in the brightest shades, or combined with a design sofa like Gregory, it can turn out to be decidedly modern.

Gregory Sofa

Material effect

3D textures have become in recent years a cross and delight for manufacturers of floors and furniture in general, but also for wallpapers. The wood effect, the concrete effect, the granite effect, just to name a few. To these we want to add metal, a great protagonist in 2020 and moreover, the combination of different materials for consistency and sensation will be increasingly appreciated.

The Baltic sofa offers a splendid example of what it means combination of different materials, with the ability, among others, to combine the leather frame with fabric cushions. Materials, textures in perpetual balance.

Baltic Sofa


In 2020 modularity will become increasingly synonymous with versatility . If before, in fact, a modular sofa only had to respect the needs of space, now it takes on a wider and more complete meaning.

The sofa should be able to adapt to individual needs and everyday use. For example, the sofa Leonard , in which extremely different elements coexist, such as fabric seats and bookcases in wood and metal. Or sofas with independent elements and removable backs, such as Newton, able to offer personalized methods of use, free from what can be considered the “schemes” of a classic sofa.

Newton Sofa

Source: doimosalotti.it

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