Pierre Cardin Home: Makeover by Ingrid Martini

Pierre Cardin home interior design

Pierre Cardin Home: Makeover by Ingrid Martini

Pierre Cardin Home brings a new makeover made by the architect Ingrid Martini. The goal is to create a pleasant colourful environment for the living room …
In the background, a classic damask wallpaper, with different blue reflections, gives the room the intensity of the sky.
The classic style is reinforced by the combination of wallpaper with a more modern texture, but reminiscent of the classic homes buoyancy.
Makeover nga Ingrid Martini
Meanwhile, for the interior has been selected the Soprano set by DOIMO Salotti.
Soprano Soft is the new classic, a sofa which will never goes out of fashion. From traditional standards Soprano Soft respects above all the meticulous attention to detail, quality of materials, proportion of shapes offering comfort and relax.
Smaller cushions siding on the backrest gives a classic look by recalling Provençal style. An utmost softness characterizes Soprano Soft. Its scatter cushions and armrest are padded in feather mix while an elegant piping outlines its shapes.
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The dominant element in the environment is the blue color, the favorite of the architect as well, which brings the whole composition together, and it is found in the texture of the wall, the decor and the ceramics of the vases and more powerful in the elegant armchair with classic design.

The handmade Afghan tapestry, in bright red, complements the composition even more by highlighting the contrasts and elements such as sofas, but also decorative ones such as side tables.

Makeover nga Ingrid Martini
The duality achieved by the combination of two handmade tapestries – red and white – creates a dynamic game, focused not only on shapes but also on colors.
Although in our homes the central table has always been considered the connecting point of the living room, in this case, a puff with classic shapes plays its role. In addition to being cozy and functional, it creates the right fusion between different styles, balancing the overall composition between the furniture and their colors.
Makeover nga Ingrid Martini

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