Pierre Cardin Home: What are the characteristics of a good sofa?

Pierre Cardin Home: What are the characteristics of a good sofa?

When we talk about sartorial style sofas, we think about a trendy, fashionable sofa. Modern, but crafted according to tradition. Among the sofa models on the market today, Gregory certainly plays one of the protagonist parts, thanks to its magical balance between aesthetic elegance and ease of use.

An authentic example of furniture, able of enhance any environment: from the most urban and minimal elegance, to the most Nordic and rational, which you can find it in Pierre Cardin Home.

What are the characteristics of a good sofa?

  • A good sofa backrest height should be such that it protects the shoulders and part of the neck.
  • The height of the sofa from ground level should be such that the legs are not stretched and do not bend.
  • If the surface is made ​​from leather sofa, rough surface should be entitled to prevent sweating.
  • Various pieces of furniture must be smooth, standardized so that it is not so hard and not so soft that they disrupt the peace of the wood parts of furniture.
  • The weight of the sofa is a feature that should be considered. Home furniture should be lightweight and practical to carry.
  • A fabric sofa should be in such colors that it does not highlight stains and is easy to clean.
  • Good furniture must be able to quickly return to its previous state.
  • Removable sofas offer flexibility in cleaning and longevity.

Gregory sofa is the embodiment of a good sofa. In addition to the modularity that gives the opportunity to customize the sofa according to your needs, Gregory is a removable sofa.

A removable sofa is easy to clean, in all its part, as much is easy to change, like a dress. Women Know that! In this case, we can remove, wash, and even replace the sofa cover with another fabric.

Source: doimosalotti.com & pakchoob.com

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