Petraq Kolevica Omnia Award

Petraq Kolevica Omnia Award

Architect Petraq Kolevica  was born in Korça on January 11, 1934. After completing the elementary school and gymnasium in Korça, he continued his studies in civil engineering at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Kolevica has played an important role in establishing the modern architecture in Albania, recognized by his appointment as the first Chairperson of the Albanian Association of Architects.

In 1957, after graduating from the University, he started working at the Institute of Construction and Design in Tirana, where he designed the apartment building near the former “Partizani” cinema.

Some of Kolevica’s projects that have left traces in the modern Albanian architecture and urban planning of the capital and other cities are: Residential Building behind the National Bank of Albania in Tirana, the Office and Residential Building near the Ministry of Justice, Residential Building near the former ‘Bllok’ in Tirana, Residential Building in the so -known Embassy Road, ’Skenderbej Street’; 7 floors residential Building in Korca (the first in the country at that time),  ‘Morava’ school in Korca etc.

The Korca Library is known for its modern style that has stood the test of time. Kolevica is co-author of the National Museum in Tirana and the former ‘Albania Today’, the biggest exhibition center in the country.

During his career he was regularly confronted with obstacles from the totalitarian system, until he was sent to the ‘Valias’ mine as a construction technician.

His life as an engineer and architect is summarized in his book ‘Architecture and Dictatorship’.

Kolevica has been interested in poetry and literature since his early youth. He is known as a translator of many world-famous poems, mainly from Russian and German. The poems created by him reflect his artistic spirit and the life under communism.


  1. Labour Order II, 1983
  2. Award of the Republic of Albania III, 1984
  3. ‘Great Master’ award by the President of Albania
  4. ‘Citizen of Honour’ of the city of Korca
  5. The Crown of Poetry, 2004
  6. ‘Great Master of Architecture’ by SHASH – 2019


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