Selvia Palace

Selvia Luxury Living Antonio Irachi

Selvia Palace

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Selvia Palace
Iraci Architetti
Antonio Iraci
Tirana, Albania
In construction
15.000 m2

Living surrounded by greenery, in the heart of Tirana, in luxury residences with all the comforts and very high quality standards. Selvia Palace offers a unique and unrepeatable opportunity.

During his extensive professional activity, the Sicilian architect Antonio Iraci has designed several small and large scale splendid architectures, has been awarded with numerous prizes, and has conquered the cover of Elle Decor with the construction of one of the most beautiful villas in Italy.

His last work is right here in the center of Tirana. The opportunity to live in a unique and exclusive setting in the heart of the city is the very especial peculiarity of Selvia Project, where everything is surrounded by greenery and huge windows, all enriched by a special brise-soleil that covers the building with an elegant touch of the latest generation.

Specifically designed to create protection against external agents, dust and noise, the brise-soleil shields the building from excessive light and dust, also due to the greenery which embraces the entire structure with carefully chosen plants. The brise soleile, an aluminum alloy fabric, is thrice painted with natural and resistant organic varnishes. It has been designed in rounded shape, to ensure that dust does not settle on it and the structure cleans itself with rainfall without the need of any extraordinary maintenance.

The brise-soleil protects interior floors and balconies from external agents, sun and dust. This coverage creates an atmosphere of unique privacy and total intimacy, all the while ensuring a microclimate which is cool in summer and warm in winter, thus protecting and guaranteeing an unaltered and timeless building beauty.

Attention has been paid to both thermal and acoustic insulation as provided by A plus European legal requirements. The bulding is provided with a water purification and filtration system. Moreover, all air conditioning systems have been duly designed from the start to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum consumption. This solution guarantees reduced heat loss, minimum electricity and water waste, and minor acoustic and environmental pollution, avoiding the production of external heat and making every terrace comfortable and usable throughout the year.

apartment Selvia Luxury Living Antonio Irachi

Each apartment is designed in every detail and is therefore unique and of very high quality, equipped with a highly advanced technology. All materials are of excellent quality. Last generation materials combine with unique quality and lots of surrounding greenery to make our apartments unique in their kind. The particularity of the apartments is also complemented by the extraordinary internal height of three meters which offers a unique habitability. To give a further touch of uniqueness, huge windows provide light and space beyond all expectations to every apartment.

The plant-rich terraces have been studied by the best landscape designers in the world, the plants have been carefully chosen, and their location has been designed in detail to enhance their beauty to the utmost. The building is divided in three blocks and each storey is provided with its own privacy by having only three apartments per floor, which can also become two depending on your needs. The building has 12 storeys plus three basement floors provided with convenient garage lots perfectly designed to offer privacy as well as easy parking and maneuvering.

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