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Ingrid Martini is an architect and interior designer, specialized in building the interior architecture of the building. With 18 years of experience in the field of interior and with a variety of works that stand out in their variety and diversity, Ingridi founded her studio “Martini Design Studio” in 2014. Before this period, she has practiced the profession in 2 other studios located within the structure of a furniture showroom, for about 12 years. In the vast panorama of interior architects, Ingrid is undoubtedly a prominent and very stylish voice.

Ingrid Martin’s work approach focuses mostly on residential architecture, which is distinguished for its strong identity and careful use of colors. Her interior projects stand out for their elegant style, exquisite taste and carefully selected furniture. In the contemporary spirit that she gives to her premises, you will find traditional elements of decor or motifs with strong colors. For Ingrid it is important to pay attention to the preservation of memory in architecture and interior.

When she gets a new object, Ingrid first studies the space. For her the plan of use and the dynamics of movements through the premises is essential in an interior project. In addition, what matters most to her, beyond the fact of being aesthetically curated, is the focus on the person and his anatomy or movements.



This house is unique in its kind, mostly for the finishes used in it, relaxed, imperfect, close to their natural shape. Intentionally it was not skated, but was left plastered in grout and painted in such a way as to resemble as much as an old seaside villa. Almost the whole house has striped motifs. One of the spicy areas in the day area, is the kitchen with its yellow tinted finish. The dominant materials are in the most natural colors, the simplest and the least processed. The large bench and TV holder are made of planed wood trunks and painted only with oil. The carpets could not have been made of natural materials, namely linen fibers.


A typical industrial apartment, style that characterizes the “loft” type apartments. In this environment we will find every feature of this style: the use of bare concrete, wood, metal and exposed brick. The neutral color palette of two of the basic colors, strong red and yellow. We mention here the red carpet with traditional motifs in the living area, which gives due attention to this environment and the accessories that make the house a warm and comfortable place.

ingrid martini


The sophisticated use of the line, shape, texture and color characterizes this apartment. For this interior, as in many of her projects, Ingrid has chosen a palette of colors with pale tones, with a few touches of blue in the bedroom. At first glance, the ambiance gives you the feeling of a country house, cozy. This is thanks to the vintage furnitures that the architect used, the old wood and the wall covering in the kitchen. While, the details of the paintings and decorative elements in a minimal form give the apartment a contemporary spirit.


The introductory space of the apartment is the corridor, without contours, with a full page with folding mirror, properly lit and with a chromatic palette. The cooking environment is separated from the living room area by a wall made of glass, giving a new breath to the whole day area. The living area is compact, comfortable, but also loose. The cooking area has a modern design, almost minimalist, very clean in lines and volumes. The color of the sand is what unifies the materials and gives it a light and transparent feeling. Colors are a distinctive element of the architect, which is known for their bold and unusual selection. The play with the colors is present in all three bedrooms and is accompanied by very elegant tones of pastel colors. Added to this is the high sensitivity in the choice of fabrics and upholstery, layered lighting, which generates balance, but also a lot of warmth.


A contemporary architecture, clean, minimalist, with essential and simple elements, a natural palette, but able to transmit color and emotion. Practically, the “line” has been selected as a basic element of minimalist decor. Therefore, it is no coincidence that we see the lines used on the main page of the living room, in the lamps on the large dining table, in the large bedroom, on a page with dimensions that do not leave you indifferent, conceived in glass and wood and also on the lids that cover the warehouse at the entrance to the apartment. It is the persistent demand for clean lines and attention to details which make the decor intertwine with the architecture as a whole, a sign that the aspirations of the owners are intertwined with the vision of the architect.

ingrid martini


A beautiful house, nurtured by the personality of those who live in it and the architectural-natural context that surrounds it. In the interior, what impresses is the solar elegance, lively, cheerful, which is ignited by the passions of the hosts for art, design, architecture, nature, colors. Carefree, but perfect, layering of furniture, carpets, lighting or beloved objects, and above all, frames with paintings and photographs exposed on the walls. The volume of the object is absolutely interesting, full, large, with a wide breath. Proper lighting and the chromatic palette chosen, has helped to make this space quite pleasant. The cooking area has an almost monumental impact. It has been chosen for a modern design, almost minimalist, very clean in lines and volumes. The color blue is also a bold choice, but that has resulted in a perfect balance with the materials and finishes that surround it.


Bookland Library, a rare interior typology, in an unusual environment structure, with an atypical planimetry and a mega window that fills it with light. The presence of two constructive columns in the middle of the space have inspired the arches above and below the bookshelves. The color palette is a combination of three shades of pastel yellow, blue and pink. It is a bookstore concept, different from typical bookstores, where you can not only walk through the shelves and browse, but also sit and read quietly if you wish, or even draw. Beyond the huge window is a spacious, green and lighted veranda, where you can also sit and browse and accompany the reading with a cup of tea or coffee.

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