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Design and fashion enthusiasts Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet founded their studio Humbert & Poyet, in 2008.  Emil is a state-qualified architect from the Parisian National School of Architecture; Christophe, is a CFAI interior designer (renowned Charpentier Academy in Paris). From their studio in Monte Carlo, they provide a full range of services from construction to interior design.

Both passionate about the great French tradition of the Decorative Arts, as well as contemporary art, they create extremely spectacular spaces imbued with a luxurious feel. Inspired by the tradition of total architecture, the young duo (they both are in their early thirties) designs all the furniture, from the lighting fixtures to the last candleholder.

humbert & poyet

Humbert & Poyet projects focus on elegant designs to create timeless spaces, using materials such as stone, wood and bronze. Their love for the Art Deco movement is best expressed through their strong geometric shapes, bold colors and metallic finishes.

They transform a space and create a true special set pairing visual exuberance with understated elegance. Their main goal is to translate a complex atmosphere into a tridimensional space. Always playing with scale and proportions, they assert their self-confident vision when mixing luxurious materials in a much-unexpected fashion.

For both designers, one of the most important aspects when developing an interior is to take into consideration the client’s personality as well as remaining true to the essence of the location.



Grace, an elegant, single apartment on the seafront of the principality of Monaco, which marries the glamour, sophistication and desirability that is so synonymous with its storied location. Combining two apartments in a 1970’s building – complete with an era-appropriate, ceramic mosaic facade – afforded the designers the unique opportunity to work in a 380 square meter space – a size which is highly unusual in the area – with a 100 square meter balcony overlooking one of the most stunning views in the world.

The designers first agreed that the project would reflect their “vision of the Riviera lifestyle,” with the objective that the final project be “timeless while exuding discreet luxury.”

For it is a refined yet heady mix of styles, all of which have been masterfully blended by exacting eyes to exude a quiet charisma that welcomes and relaxes, yet also enthuses and inspires.

2. 26 CARRE OR

Located in the golden triangle of Monaco, 26 Carré Or opens as one of the most prestigious residential high-rises in the world, designed by Humbert & Poyet. All white, mirrored, detailed in brass and illuminated in the evening, the high-rise presides over the area with elegance enhancing the best from the luxury and contemporary design.

Humbert And Poyet’s signature use of noble materials, detail, and references to the Art Deco period define the space. The apartments are adorned shades of beige, grey, and ivory all neutral tones setting an elegant tone. Marble is dominant. Woodwork with details, brass and bronze finishing, mirrors, and geometric patterns create beautiful entryways.

Every detail is thought of, with intricate moldings and wall panels in each space. Everything is made by exceptional artisans French and Italian.

humbert & poyet


The Holiday Home is what we can call a modern dream home! Situated in the French city of Cannes, this Holiday Home offers you a magnifique view over the Mediterranean Sea and the Lérins Islands as the backdrop. If you step outside you’ll find mimosas, pines and olive trees.

In this home you’ll find a true connection to nature side by side with sophistication and glamour. Something that Humbert & Poyet always define in their projects.

Humbert & Poyet not only are responsible for choosing colors, materials, accessories. They also designed the flooring, the windows and surfaces.This French Duo has created the perfect balance between the inside and the outiside. Also the harmony between privacy and entertainment spaces.


With a rare 360-degree view of Cannes and the Lérins Islands, this family residence is full of natural light and a color palette inspired by the Mediterranean below. When Humbert and Poyet signed on to the project, the residence was merely a concrete shell.

The house—whose 13,000 square feet, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, are connected by a four-story central staircase, a colorful link, which incorporates three shades of blue on its walls.

It’s an eclectic mix of objects—vintage, modern, some pieces designed by them The bold designs on the floors, bright colors, and sleek bathrooms are all Humbert & Poyet signatures.


The Beefbar Paris project started with an unexpected discovery: a room in the purest Art Nouveau style but heavily damaged: sectioned arches, pilasters, friezes and missing enameled ceramic panels.

This historical and aesthetic anchorage inspired the interior designers, accustomed tocreating chic and quirky atmosphere, the contrast between old and extremely contemporary, a love game between sobriety and eccentricity. Thus, Beefbar Paris was designed as a traditional, comfortable and refined brasserie where the Art Nouveau and Art Deco contrast with the industrial-like ceiling and the black and minimal exterior woodworks.

Some of the most astounding design elements include walls clad in dark green marble, velvety red chairs, arched doorways lined in glossy emerald tiles, blue leather stools, among countless others.

Humbert & Poyet


Humbert & Poyet were responsible for the 171 rooms of The Hoxton Paris, mixing a classic Parisian feel with a 1950s-atmosphere reminiscent of small industrial workshops. This dialogue across time is reflected in how the bathrooms are designed as independent units: multifunctional boxes framed by metalwork that can be used as a wardrobe or desk. As the decorators emphasize, “the room decor pays homage to French artisanal expertise from two very important periods in Parisian history: the late 19th century and the 1950s”.


The gourmet Chinese restaurant certainly takes you on a unique journey that will activate all of your senses. Its interior design highlights an intimate atmosphere ruled by modernity, luxury, and timelessness. Features such an intricate contrast between black and white, subtle touches of brass, and silky green furnishings certainly grant a warm touch to this one-of-a-kind dining venue.

Humbert & Poyet

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