Alejandro Sticotti

Alejandro Sticotti is a Argentinian architect and designer.
He founded his Architectural studio based in Buenos Aires in 1985. The project intervene comprehensively in all stages of the process, from design to production.  A forceful presence of the natural, the raw and the authentic represented in the materials and textures. The architect actively participate in doing. Crafts is a way of searching for an aesthetic result.
He also works with his wife Mercedez Hernaez and architect Nicolás Tovo.

Alejandro Sticotti

Guadalajara house, Mexico

Argentinian architect Alejandro Sticotti wrapped an outdoor lounge and dining area around two trees in this house in Mexican city Guadalajara.
‘’We visited the lot several times and studied how the houses around it behaved to understand the territory and the weather, and we concluded that it is a warm climate most of the year and they use outdoor places a lot.”
“That is why the gallery was thought as a central element in the house.”

arkitektura e Alejandro Sticotti Guadalajara house

Alejandro Sticotti’s holiday home, Uruguay.

Sticotti designed the house in Le Pedrera, a village and resort on the Atlantic Coast in Uruguay’s department of Rocha.
The main materials are weathered wood and concrete which communicate so well with it’s surroundings.
‘It’s hard to say we finished when you’re the architect of your own home” Sticotti joked

arkitektura e Alejandro Sticotti, Uruguai

Alejandro tells about his love of wood, which paired with a penchant for clean lines, characterizes the furniture he designs and produces in the busy Palermo neighbourhood.  Their truest desire is discovering hidden projects in a city in a continuous state of change.

arkitektura e Alejandro Sticotti, Olivos and Palermo

When you build your own house, you want to make sure it includes everything you like. However, with this one I had the chance to fully convert my ideas into something factual. It was like getting a custom-made suit.’

Alejandro Sticotti Olivos and Palermo

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